My Hope comes from Him

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Friday, December 8th


Scripture: Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my HOPE comes from Him.  Psalm 62:5

Thought: We DO have a source of hope! Our God reigns! Yesterday, today and for ever!  We do not need to become discouraged, we can trust Him to encourage us.

Prayer: Lord, I confess that I do not always come to You as my source of strength – and as a result I become discouraged,  Remind me throughout this day to come to You in all things that Your may encourage me and strengthen me.  AMEN

Challenge: Look for the evidences of God in your personal surroundings today.  Allow His presence to fill you with hope.


Do not lose hope


Thursday, December 7th


Scripture:  O righteous God, Who searches the minds and hearts, bring to an end the violence of the wicked and make the righteous secure. Psalm 7:9

Thought: As we look around our community and our world, it is very easy to become discouraged and to lose hope. Where will it all end?  The future does not look bright. There does not seem to be much hope.  But one songwriter penned these words: “I’ve read the end of the book – and we win!”

Prayer: Lord, as I look around us today, I see that discouragement abounds. Help me to light a candle for someone and bring a little hope into the life of one person who is discouraged. Let Your light shine through me today. AMEN

Challenge: Look specifically for someone who looks discouraged today – say or do something to make their day better.

December 6.. Use me, Use me, Lord!

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Wednesday, December 6th

Scripture Reading : Joshua chapter 2

Thought:  How can the Almighty God use me?  I know all my faults and failings. I am not worth the dust on my shoes. I am useless.  Have you ever felt this way?  (be honest)  Of course you have! Romans 3:23 tells us that “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” We are no different than Rahab – we are, in our own eyes, less than useful.  But Rahab saw a glimmer of light through her conversation with the spies… and she followed that beam and was used by God to play a part in bringing salvation to this world.

Challenge:  What is it in my life that hinders me from being used by God? Seek it out, and take the necessary steps to correct the hindrance? 

Prayer: Lord, hear my prayer today. Cleanse the houghts of my heart, that I may perfectly love You, and serve You, and Magnify Your Holy Name.  AMEN


How long have you been hoping for…?


Tuesday, December 5th


Genesis 15:5then {God} took {Abraham} outside and said “Look up at the heavens and count the stars – if indeed you can count them…. so shall your offspring be.”


Thought: It had been MANY years since God had called Abram out of his homeland to “go where I will send you”, and promised him that “all peoples on earth will be blessed by you”.  Abram was now about 100 years old, and still he and Sarai had no child. Would God EVER fulfil the promise?  Then comes the reminder that “with God, Nothing is impossible”.  God answers our prayers with “yes”, “no”, and “wait”.  For Abram and Sarai, the answer fell certainly into the “wait” column.


Challenge: What promise has God given to you that you are still waiting for? Be assured that if God makes you wait the blessing  will indeed be “worth the wait”.  May we be like the father who brought his son to Jesus: Lord I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief.(Mark 9:24)


Prayer: Lord, I have slipped.  I have not fully believed that You will do what You have promised to do.  Lord, help me to believe with all my heart.  AMEN


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Monday, December 4th


Genesis 3:14 – 15 – (to the serpent) “Cursed are you above all the livestock…I will put enmity between you and the woman…He will crush your head, and you will strike His heel.”


Thought: God had created a beautiful world, but before long, it was marred forever by sin.  All seemed lost.  How must Eve have felt? All this beauty was changed for ever. Sin had caused mankind to lose hope. The future now seemed bleak.  But in the midst of the darkness, God planted a seed – He gave Eve a promise – that although sin mars our reality, there is HOPE for the future – Although evil wins this round, the ultimate victory is yet to come. Evil strikes the heel, but God will destroy all evil (See John 3: 16-17)


Challenge: As you become aware of the presence of sin in our world, may your attitude, words and actions serve to bring hope to those you encounter.



Prayer: Heavenly Father, as I go about my activities today, make me aware of someone who is feeling lost in the darkness. Use me to bring Your light to them through a smile, a word, or an action. Use me, use me Lord! AMEN


First Sunday in Advent


Sunday, December 3rd

Luke 2:1 – ..there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed.


Thought: Even back in the days of Caesar Augustus, people recognized the importance of communication – the giving and receiving of information. Our world today seems to be obsessed with communication of information. We can share information in many different ways – Radio, TV,newspaper, text, email, Facebook, Twitter… and the list goes on… Still, the fact remains that we need to communicate with each other – to give and to receive  information.


Challenge: Maybe you take the first week in December to “write” your Christmas Cards.  I would like to challenge you to do this prayerfully this year. Add a personal note to each card, and more importantly, say a prayer for the recipients as you prepare each card. Ask God to be very real in their lives.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, so often I neglect to pray for my friends as often as I ought. Today I ask that You would be with them, bless them, and show them Your Presence in their personal world. AMEN

Saturday, November 25


One month until the “Big Day”!

The ladies from the Parish are holding their annual Christmas Bazaar tomorrow – November 25, from 11 am – 2 pm, downstairs at the Church of Christ the King, 2000 Loch Lomond Road.  There will be tables of baking, home cooking, crafts and “new to you items”.  Hot cider is complimentary.

A lunch of sandwiches and sweets with a cup of tea or coffee will be available for $8.

There is surely something for everybody. Come and see what is available to meet the needs of your list.  See you there!